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At RetailSonar we are convinced that one of our assets is our continuous inquisitiveness and curiosity. We learn because of our close ties with the academic world and we learn because of the challenging questions that our customers ask us every day. And we like to share this knowledge with our customers. Enjoy your read!

  • Fewer locations, more sales!

    Fewer locations, more sales!

    You can achieve the same or more sales with fewer locations if you want to! But how do you go about it? We explain step-by-step how you can make your retail network smarter, more efficient, and more profitable.

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  • The how-to guide to accurately predicting a new location’s success

    The how-to guide to accurately predicting a new location’s success

    Up to 90% accurate in predicting a (new) location’s success. That’s the power of RetailSonar. How do we do it? We will gladly explain step-by-step how our method allows lets us make these accurate analyses.

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11 May 2023 by

Pieter-Jan De Smet

RetailSonar launches ChargePlanner: sales forecasting software for EV charging stations

As the number of electric cars rapidly increases, so is the demand for more public EV charging stations. But where exactly should they be located? As the market leader in analyses for (retail)locations, we are now also conquering the fast-growing EV market with our ChargePlanner tool. "Many operators are still under-investing in data & AI”.

18 Apr 2023 by

RetailSonar Team

Slow, fast or ultra-fast? How do you invest in the most profitable charging station at each location?

How do you determine which type of charging station to invest in at each location? In a highly competitive market, you need maximum certainty in determining the most profitable mix of charging infrastructure. Follow the customer. The local activity around the charging stations is often decisive.

7 Apr 2023 by

RetailSonar Team

These 5 success factors determine the turnover of your public charging location

Europe currently has more than 2.6 million public charging points. To meet the growing demand, 6.8 million are needed by 2030.

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