Next level location intelligence.

Always make the right location decisions.

 Europe's most complete and up-to-date retail database
 Accurate revenue forecasts thanks to state-of-the-art AI
 International geomarketing platform for real estate, sales and marketing

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Always the smartest location strategy

  • Predict the impact on your income if you open, close, move or scale down locations.
  • Where are hotspots for a new location?
  • How large is the internal cannibalisation?
  • How many customers will you lose when a store closes?
  • Determine your optimal network for the future

Optimise your current network

  • What is the theoretical potential of each location?
  • Which locations perform better or worse?
  • What are the causes?
  • Identify actions to grow your stores
  • Analyse and monitor the impact of each decision

Make your local marketing more efficient

  • Reach the right customer with the right content through the right channel
  • Determine the right marketing mix for each store
  • Test the impact of new media per area
  • Align your marketing message with the environment
  • Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns

Discover the RetailSonar platform

With one click on your custom geomarketing platform, analyse the impact of each location decision: from expansion and sales to marketing and management. Avoid endless discussions and work with all stakeholders on an optimal location strategy.

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90% accurate revenue forecasts

Our experts predict the behaviour of your customers using smart AI algorithms. This allows you to optimise your location strategy with maximum certainty. Too good to be true? Not at all! And we would be more than happy to prove it to you.

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Your international strategic partner

A successful location strategy? This does not stop at the national borders!

The RetailSonar platform is available in 14 European countries (and counting!).

Will you soon be optimising your location strategy like 200 other European retailers?

Available in:
RetailSonar is growing! We are constantly adding new countries to our solution.
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Will you soon be optimising your location strategy?

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The largest European retail database

Reliable, up-to-date data is essential to making the right location decisions. With our best-in-class retail data, you can stay on top of changing consumer behaviour.

Revolutionary visitor monitoring
Retail locations & local activity
B2B & B2C target groups
Market potential reports

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Next-level location intelligence. Also for your sector!

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WEBINAR: Die profitabelsten Standorte für E-Ladestationen in Deutschland und Europa

  • 27/06/2024 15:00 - 15:45

Was bestimmt die Rentabilität von Ladestationen? Was ist der Vorteil einer gut gelegenen Ladestation? Und wie bauen Sie Ihr Ladenetz aus? Unser Kollege Jascha Metin stellt Ihnen in unserem kostenlosen...

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