The most complete and up-to-date retail database in Europe

The retail world is changing at a rapid pace. So having the right data – and accurate data – is more important than ever. Consolidate your location strategy with Europe's largest retail database. Our Data Quality Team guarantees…

Smart capture of open & mobile data

Revolutionary visitor monitoring

Frequent updates & intensive quality checks

Tailored to your target group & wishes

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Visitor monitoring

A unique and complete picture of the visitors to your locations and those of your competitors. Who are your customers? Why are they visiting your stores? How often, how long and when do they shop?

Insight into your customers' behaviour
Evaluate changes in the number of visitors
Substantiate your rental (re)negotiations
Benchmark your locations' performance

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Database Retail Location

A 100% up-to-date overview of all store locations and floor areas from a sector or country of your choice.

Fully understand the changing retail market
Substantiate your site research
Discover opportunities in (new) markets
Analyses with best-in-class data

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Local activity

All the essential information to fully analyse the quality of a location.

Revolutionary footfall and traffic data
Scan the activity in the area
Identify all perfect neighbours
Consolidate your location strategy and store analyses

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B2B target groups

A customised database of the most relevant companies within a B2B segment of your choice.

Right message, right target group, right location
Smart layout of sales zones
Tailor the product range to the local environment
Explore B2B market potential in new regions or countries

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B2C target groups

A complete geographical overview of the profile and potential of all your relevant target groups.

Map the location of your target groups
Optimise your B2C marketing campaigns
Customise the product range to the local environment
Analyse B2C market potential in new regions or countries

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Market potential report

Discover how much potential a new or existing location has.

Get an easy-to-understand research report
Evaluate performance of existing locations
Assess new locations' chances of success
Share results with the right stakeholders
Substantiate your site research

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Optimise your current network

Which locations perform better or worse than others? What are the root causes of this? Identify the actions you must take to improve your locations' performance.

Reach the right customer

How can I define my target groups? Which customers should I select for my campaign? Which message should I send them? Drastically increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns

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