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What is the best place to open a new location? What turnover can we generate at that location? What potential does a particular region have? Are my current locations performing adequately? And what is my optimal sales network?

Important questions, because the right location is everything for a B2B retailer. A wrong decision may have far-reaching consequences. Minimise that risk with RetailSonar's statistically accurate models. No more subjective guesswork. Moreover, you can simulate scenarios on the RetailSonar Platform to shorten the decision time.

We convert your data into bite-sized strategic insights. Because in this rapidly changing sector, decision support tools and solutions are essential to make the right future-oriented choices.

Know and segment your target audience

  • Use the right data sources and collect sophisticated business information
  • Create a 360° customer DNA. Can you also link these profiles to your non-active customers?
  • Segment your target audience based on business characteristics and financial data
  • Segment your target audience based on geographic data

The right service in the right locations

  • Calculate the market space for your existing stores and service points
  • Determine the optimal areas of activity for your existing stores and service points
  • Match your sales team's capacity to the available market space in the area
  • Identify areas with high potential to attract new customers
  • Set the right prospecting priorities. Rank your prospects by their chance of conversion, which is a data-driven calculation performed for each area.

"RetailSonar was a real partner in our strategic thought process by offering us user-friendly, reliable solutions in a transparent manner."

Maximise your existing locations' performance

  • Visualise the theoretical potential for each location
  • Compare that potential with recent actual performance to benchmark each retail outlet and area
  • Identify retail outlets that are underutilised and where you are missing opportunities
  • Take the right actions for each location to achieve its theoretical potential, both in-store and out-store
  • Analyse the impact of each growth action. Use these insights to continuously optimise your retail outlets' potential.

Determine your optimal sales network

  • Make an accurate turnover prediction for a new location
  • Calculate the cannibalisation that a new location creates in your network
  • Search and find absolute top locations (hotspots) with a high ROI
  • Calculate how many customers you can win back after closing a location
  • Limit the risk of a new investment
  • Analyse your online sales' impact on your physical retail outlets
  • Take a step-by-step approach to achieve the optimal sales network of the future

Will you soon be optimising your location strategy?

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