Our customers

Our customers

Making better-informed location decisions, that's what RetailSonar is all about. Since 2011, we solve small and large geomarketing issues. Our powerful and user-friendly platform promotes sustainable cooperation.

Our customers are active in four countries and consist of retailers, service companies, real estate players and government institutions. Feel free to ask for a reference from your sector.

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✔ Customers give us a satisfaction score of 9.2

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EV Charging

"The predictions of Chargeplanner perfectly align what we see in reality"


EV Charging

"We can now substantiate our intuition with facts."

Alternative Green

EV Charging

"Thanks to Chargeplanner, we now invest in the most profitable locations for our charging stations”


Employment sector

“We only invest our money in the very best places”


B2B Retail

“An accurate sales forecast now takes 5 minutes instead of 10 working days”

BNP Paribas Fortis


"We are optimising our entire branch network with greater confidence and certainty."