RetailSonar launches ChargePlanner: sales forecasting software for EV charging stations

As the number of electric cars rapidly increases, so is the demand for more public EV charging stations. But where exactly should they be located? As the market leader in analyses for (retail)locations, we are now also conquering the fast-growing EV market with our ChargePlanner tool. "Many operators are still under-investing in data & AI”.

What do a new McDonald's branch, Action's unstoppable growth, fewer bank branches or the relocation of your local supermarket have in common? All those decisions are made thanks to the smart software of RetailSonar.

"For over 12 years, we have been using artificial intelligence to predict the turnover of retail locations. Today we established our position as European market leader and are active in more than 15 countries," CEO and founder Dieter Debels proudly says.

Synergies EV & Retail

Over the past two years, the experts at RetailSonar developed ChargePlanner, a predictive model that determines the potential of a public charging station for any location of choice. A completely new market, although Debels sees many parallels. "Those who charge their cars usually have to spend a lot of time charging. So the most profitable locations are often located nearby stores. Store parking lots, for example, are highly sought-after locations for CPO’s."

Right location is key

Location, location, location. The word has come up several times. "The right location is essential to the success of a charging station. Especially those investing in more expensive ultra-fast chargers long for the highest possible ROI. Wrong location choices need to be avoided at all costs." 

Debels notes that AI and data are therefore gaining in importance. "Logical, because today too many charging stations are still in the wrong place. In our models, besides info on competition, audience, traffic, perfect neighbors and technical requirements, we also take into account the exact dwell time and motives of each customer thanks to smartphone data. That’s a real gamechanger."

New success story & European growth

With ChargePlanner, RetailSonar is writing a new success story. "In 12 months, our EV software already accounts for more than 20% of our annual sales. There is clearly a lot of potential in this fast growing market. That’s why we decided to go for a separate name, branding and dedicated product focus. Right now we are allready supporting stakeholders in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain. Other countries will follow soon."

The market itself is also changing very quickly. "A massive number of new drivers are entering the market across Europe and the number of providers is also growing at a record pace."

Relevant for all EV stakeholders

In addition to European charging station providers, Debels is also looking at other potential customers. "For retailers, our current users, we calculate which parking lots are the most profitable. Governments, in turn, look for an ideal distribution of charging infrastructure so that the distance for each resident is minimal. And network operators, finally, want to know where additional chargers are needed in order to adjust the capacity of their network accordingly."

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